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Contact: Pernilla Knutas Lundblad
Postadress Valhallavägen 79 Stockholm 114 28 Sverige Telefon hem: +46 709 86 15 61 Hemsida:


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CleanBioHeat AB offers an unique technical solution, the Energy Turbo FGR®, for recovering energy from exhaust gases or other gases. The solution works by recovering both sensible and latent heat energy in the gas by the use of heat exchangers, a cooling unit and a smart control system.

The technology was originally developed by Mr Bengt Waldenstad of Sweden.

The story began in the 1980s, when the first generation of energy turbos were introduced to the market. However, as a result of a massive expansion of district heating in Sweden, the technology fell into obscurity. There were technical challenges at the time that can now be handled much more efficiently using new solutions, modern materials and production processes developed by Thomas Gustafsson also a share holder of Flue Gas Recovery Sweden AB.

The continued product development has provided many new opportunities resulting in the development of the Energy Turbo FGR®, a solution with even better efficiency at a lower cost.